6 Coolest Casual Outfits For Women To Try

6 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles

1. if I look closely around me, I’ll find my “style icon”.I find inspiration from many different sources, and not necessarily related to fashion. All my ideas come from what’s going on around me: from a landmark, a song, a travel, from a street culture etc I always designed my jewelry collection started with a thought, an image or a concept.
2. I enjoy creating interesting outfits and playing with colors and prints. I’m also very interested in social media – editing photos to Instagram and publishing.
3. Fashion has always fascinated his change and his mix art with beauty.
4. I love fashion, how it works, appropriating both history and art, I like how I can talk about myself using fashion, through the clothes I wear.
5. My interests for fashion are very varied. Although I always choose some garment that is not very common. I would like someday to design my own clothes.
6. The perfect Fashion look for me is casual chic with a touch of extravagance when possible. I like matching trainers with all kind of outfits or simple t-shirt with chic shoes. It is so tasteful with the good attitude.
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    Alexa Intrator

    Cool look!

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