6 Simple Nail Arts For You Catch This

6 Instagrammers rocking nail arts

1. I like nail art as you’re always experimenting with different colours, brushes, designs, glitters and diamonds. No design is ever the same! It allows me to show and express my creative side whilst considering the clients wishes. Plus, the outcomes are always pretty.
2. I love the fact no matter what time of the day it is I can change my nails to anything and everything you can think of!!!
3. I love the endless possibilities of nail art and I love to challenge myself by creating something new and different!
4. My style has no gender, so I like to pull inspiration and ideas from all different aspects of life.
5. the perfect nail art is without burrs and that all self perfect, the one that inspires me cherry nail art, yoko nailart
6. A perfect nail art look for me would be something “extra.” When I say extra I’m meaning a design on every nail, whether it’s jewels, glitter, or different polish on each nail.
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