7 Trending Nail Arts Are Here Must Catch This!!

7 Instagrammers are rocking their nail art styles

1. Nail art enables me to use my creativity to make designs that is unique to my personality. I am able to create art that suits my ever-changing mood, and is changeable at any time. Nail art gives me confidence and it makes a fashion statement. I am in love with stamping and dotting tools, as it gives me the power to transform any plain manicure.
2. My nail-spiration comes from my own life and experiences. Whether I am matching my nails to an event theme, travel adventure, outfit or street art there is always a connection between my nails and the world around me.
3. My nail art in one sentence is, pretty in pink, very glamorous, wanting everyone to feel like a star, and rihmstones rihmstones rihmstones.
4. my nail art style would be colourful with a lot of bling !
5. It may sound weird but whenever I have fancy looking nails or simply good looking nails, it just gives me confidence, makes me feel beautiful and empowered as a woman. Also, it’s an easy way for me to showcase my love for art and get to be reminded every time I see my nails to continue doing art.
6. Nail Art is able to express an infinite variety of images and feelings. I love fashion and people expressing themselves in a unique and individual way. As a Nail Artist, I feel satisfied when I can take a unique idea in a client’s imagination and bring it to life through Nail Art and make the client happy. And as imagination is limitless, I know there will always be new Nail Art to design, so I will never get bored!
7. I like nail art because of all the different ideas that can be made with polish, embellishments, chromes, stamping, glitters ohh my!!! Your finger- tips end up becoming a walking canvas!
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