Casual Beachwear For Women

Stephanie Pellot


What is One fashion rule you never break?

rule never break is to be always unique and go for my own sexy style.

One tip you would like to give to our readers?

Never sleep with make up always take care of you face as well you body and a good diet.


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Justina Liaukevičiūtė


What interests you in Beachwear ?

I love it because there are so many different types of beachwear. You can have two piece, one piece or even the ones that turn into beautiful casual clothes. Of course, if you wear them properly

How would you describe a perfect Beachwear look and is there a person who is an inspiration to you for this?

There is no way to describe a perfect beachwear. The reason probably is that the beachwear women wear depends on their mood or even the weather. I really love two piece beachwear as much as I love one piece beachwear. There is something special about bechwear. You can turn your scarf into one or even your boyfriends’ shirt that is too big for you. Oh my God, so many options! I just LOVE IT


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What do you like about Beachwear ?

So, what i really like in beachwear it’s the power of sun feauturing with the style can you realize with positive vibes, confortable outfits and realize your only style.

Describe your Beachwear style in one sentence?

You dont care for anything in this time of summer, you are more positive and happy. So, the photo shows exactly this.


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