Gorgeous & Creative Eye Makeup Ideas To Try

8 Instagrammers And Their Views About Eye Makeup


1. What interests me in Makeup – What I like about makeup is that I can express myself, I use makeup as an outlet as most other MUA’s do. It makes me extremely happy to be able to create a platform where people notice me also. The people I get inspired by the most is the girls and guys at @plouise_makeup_acadamy, their colorful eye looks paired with their flawless base is just perfect. I’ve learned a lot from recreating their looks. My makeup style is colorful, creative and expressive.
2. What do I like about Makeup – The colors and the use of the eye-liner. Perfect Makeup – A perfect Makeup look is with a glowy Skin and a perfect eye-liner. One tip it’s to be creative and use a professional products.
3. My style icon for makeup is the member of little mix Perrie Edwards. She’s my biggest inspiration since 2011 and her makeup is always on point. I see her as a role model in everything. I love to recreate the looks she wears on stage and during her free time. My makeup style is unique ‘cause I’m the only myself that lives on this planet.
4. Perfect Makeup – My perfect makeup look is something beautiful but it puts us on the road to the future. Makeup is evolving every day and I follow a lot of artists to who are the reason for such fast growth in the industry. One artist in particular @isshehungry is someone who bends the rules and makes new ones with her beautiful looks.
5. Perfect Makeup – A perfect makeup look is whatever you feel your best in! For me, that’s high glam with glitter or the perfect FX look. Mykie from Glam and Gore is my biggest inspiration.
6. What do I like about Makeup – What I like about makeup is that you get to be creative! You can mix and match with different products, and wash it off right after! I also like that I can put on some makeup and feel really good about myself. My style icon for makeup is so many, that it’s hard to choose! But I really like NikkieTutorials, Patrick Starr and a Norwegian girl called Helene Heméra. They got some serious makeup skills! My makeup style is pretty easy to describe: GLAM ALL THE WAY!
7. What do I like about Makeup -Presenting the different images and themes on the same person is the main reason for makeup, cause people have many possibilities. There are many makeup style icons I like but Linda Hallberg is the most inspiring me to think out of the box and be more creative.
8. Perfect Makeup – A perfect makeup look to me is a bronzed and glowy non-caked face, a warm golden and brown (well blended) eyeshadow, very glowy little nose and a pretty pink nude lip. A tip I would give to the readers would be, when doing a cut crease it is extremely important to go slightly over the line of your crease so that there is a better view of all the blends of colors. Though if you go too high over the crease, it can look a little clowny!
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