These Guy’s Will Teach You How To Look Sharp On The Street

6 Instagrammers And Their Views About Streetstyle


1. Enjoy the nature of its individuality and freedom of expression. No two styles are alike and everyone can speak to who they are without saying anything.
2. The style is your source of self-expression dependent on my mood, so it never goes one straight direction cause women have mood swings.
3. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, the clothes and colors that choose reflect your mood of the day… to be honest, we all dress to impress, so when you dress up well, you catch the interest of other people by the combination of the things you choose.
4. not to impress but just to prove you can be different and fashion at the same time
5. Fashion is the best way to show personality to everybody!
6. Street style is that there aren’t any limits to what you can wear, so you’re free to express however you want.
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