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10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Nail Art


1. What do I like about Nail Art – Nail Art offers a wide range of colors and designs, that’s why I love it. What I love about Nail Art is being creative, combining different colors and patterns.
2. What do I like about Nail Art – I love nail art because it was a way I could express myself in a low key way. It was also a way for me to share my creativity, and for me, nail art was relaxing and it’s such a rewarding feeling when you create something on such a tiny canvas. My style icon for nail art is definitely Ane Li. She was one of the first nail artists I followed before I had a nail account of my own, and was a huge reason I made _nailsbylily.
3. Perfect Nail Art – A perfect nail-art is clean, stylish and renewing. I am a big fan of Erika Bakos and Alina Hoyo. What interests me in Nail Art is that there are always a new thing to try and you can express yourself through the art. It is also very Relaxing, almost like a therapies
4. What do I like about Nail Art – I like the artistic aspect of nail art and how it pushes people to get creative with their tools and materials especially since the canvas is quite small. My style icon for nail art is @tartofraises since she’s both creative and talented. If I were to describe my nail art style in one sentence it would be: My nail art style is simplistic with a subtle touch of sparkle.
5. What do I like about Nail Art – The best about Nail Art is this “Art” part. I love sketching, drawing, painting and all this kind of ways to express myself. Mixing lacquers and thinking about new patterns give me a lot of joy, it is my way of relaxing. My Nail Art style is based on minimalism, geometry, tidy looks and good color selection.
6. What do I like about Nail Art – What I like is that the nails can have any image we like and with my stick Nail Art the nail still pretty for a long time.
7. What do I like about Nail Art – I like that you can express your self and give your customer more confidence because of their new, perfect nails. I would describe my nail art as simple, but sexy – the perfect combination. Tom Bachik is one of my inspirations!
8. What do I like about Nail Art – Well I love everything about it! Designing intricate details on nails which is impossible for some people and then having a very beaut design at the end of it is the best feeling ever!
9. What interests me in Nail Art – Intricate details. My nail art is more thought of defined edge and the pop of colors through my eyes.
10. What do I like about Nail Art – I love Nail Art cause I love art. As a writer, I constantly search for self-expression ways that aren’t necessarily words. Nail art is certainly one such way! Just like Pinks. My Nail Art style keeps it simple but sexy and outrageous w a touch of elegance.
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