Learn The Perfect Blend Of Beauty And Fashion

10 Amazing Instagrammers who are really good with their style and makeup

1. Perfect makeup look would be either wearing a full face foundation, contouring, a lot of highlighter, pumpkin orange shade and of course copper with a thick line of eyeliner on my eyes and a nude lipstick or a fresh glowy face with a natural color on my lips and highlighting my eyes.
2. Makeup is art it can be simple and plain but it can also be stunning and also it can be creative.
3. C’s is my key to perfect styling. Classy, Chic and Comfortable.
4. Makeup can transform me to a totally different person. And I can have thousands of looks depends on how I feel that day.
5. Makeup enhances you, and when it is applied correctly it turns an ordinary picture or scenario to something very special!
6. Makeup is like an amazing power with witch you can create art , enhances your natural beauty and fell confident inside and out.
7. Contour on fleek, and long lashes!
8. The main rule that I never break the fashion is to correctly count the clothes and pick the right accessory.
9. The one fashion rule I never break would be I never leave the house without a smile.
10. Makeup has no rules and i love that , you can be as plain or creative as you be.
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