Street Style Always Done Right – Massimiliano

Massimiliano is an Italy based fashion influencer. He has an amazing fashion sense and he doesn’t shy away from trying new things.

1. Describe the story behind this picture?

The story of this image is a boy who wants to be himself. Without judgment and prejudice. Be free to live life by following your dreams and your own style.

2. How did you dressed up for this moment?

The look is total denim jeans and jacket with a very hipster hat.

3. Tips on how our readers can achieve a similar look.

The advice is also to choose a soft fabric for denim that makes you free to move, choose a combination of total denim is not easy you have to tone down with contrasting colors, like the white of the t-shirt and the black of the shoes and hat.

Jacket: @cross_jeans
Jeans: @cross_jeans
Hat: @mazzantihat

4. What is one fashion rule you never break

Always be the same.

5. What are your favorite brands you like to shop from?




6. What do you like about Hairstyling?

I like that it gives space to young influencers in the world of beauty.

7. Who is your style icon?


8. Describe your Hairstyle in one sentence?

A style with the time, Trendy!



Visit his Instagram page for more fashion and styling tips.

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