Street Style Is Easy With Snapback And Hoodies – Alessandro Picchianti

Alessandro Picchianti resides in Italy. He is a basketball player and keeps a close check on his fitness. Alessandro is has a unique style and is the proud owner of the brand Variall.

1. Describe the story behind this picture?

This photo talks about me and my business life. At this moment I was talking to the public during the inauguration of my new beauty salon.

2. How did you dressed up for this moment?

Obviously, for such an important occasion I chose a dress that could reflect contemporaneousness and elegance at the same time. A tux Liu jo was the perfect choice

3. Tips on how our readers can achieve a similar look.

Achieving this look is easy, any barbershop is able to make a hairstyle like mine, just pay a little attention to skincare that is essential. I invite you all to visit me at my facilities.

Skin care: Mantra Cosmetics

Hair and Styling: Kevin Murphy Australia

4. What do you like about Street Style?

I like all the things around the street style. The liberty of Fashion, I feel so free when I wear street clothes that I decided to open one brand called @variall.

5. Who is your style icon for Street Style?
My icon is Marcelo Burlon owner Of County Of Milan a street style Italian brand that looks amazing and he is my inspiration and motivation.


6. What is your Street Style?

My street style is easy. Snapback and hoodies never miss, so simple and free.



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