Stunning Gallery of Creative Nail Art Designs That You Must See

8 Instagrammers And Their Views About Nail Art


1. What do I like about Nail Art – More and more artistic nails are gaining ground in the female universe, and what I love the most is being able to make a little finger of a huge canvas, where I create and reinvent, making each nail of art unique! And just to know that this person trusted me to color a little of their life, makes me feel very special!
2. What do I like about Nail Art – The fact that something so small as a nail can be art. It doesn’t matter if the nail is short or long, nail art always makes them special. I would say vics_nails. I cannot stop watching her videos and I’m always mesmerized by how good her nails look! And also sveta_sanders! I love how she always comes up with original designs and also unique methods!
3. What do I like about Nail Art – I love the freedom of expression and the chance to be creative. There are some many different tools and techniques out there to help you.
4. What do I like about Nail Art – I love Nail Art because I can see pretty nails all the time without the mirror. I put makeup on my face every day. Sometimes put new lipstick and new eyeshadow, but I can’t see myself without a mirror. On the other hand, If I have pretty Nail art on my nails, I can see pretty Nails all the time which give me very positive energy all the time. Nail Art is essential to life because Nail Art is motive power for me.
5. What do I like about Nail Art – I love the variety of designs you can create, that can perfectly fit your character.
6. Perfect Nail Art – The perfect nail art look doesn’t have to be full on and can be quite simple. You can never go wrong with glitter and a lovely design. I love the work of fee Wallace, she creates amazing designs. It was such an honor when she once liked a set of the nails I created.
7. What do I like about Nail Art – love everything about Nail art. Creating new looks is a most. Being diff with just creating nail art. My style is diamonds. I love shiny nails. I want to make sure they shine every minute I move.
8. Perfect Nail Art – A perfect nail art look would be an oval stiletto shape, I prefer either soft colors or go bold or go home looks lol. Either a soft pink/nude or a fire hot red. Either one you can add your twist I prefer a holographic nail art. It just makes everything so intense and the colors blend so beautifully. My inspiration isn’t a person it’s more of the outside, I do a lot of hiking with my dog so we see a lot of different things. such as flowers, the sky, and the gorgeous birds that have stunning colored feathers.
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