Surfer Who Is Riding Every Wave In Style- Kanoe Pelfrey

Kanoe Pelfrey is a Pro Surfer and an amazing Snowboarder. She also enjoys writing and does modelling.

Kanoe Pelfrey


1. Describe the story behind this picture?

I started the day going surfing in the morning at Huntington beach and right around sunset time was ready to trade the wetsuit in for a dress. I needed a real change from what I typically wear to a more sophisticated look. It was time to ditch the shorts, tank top, hoodie and slippers (sandals) for the night. I was looking forward to my sunset photo shoot in Huntington because I got to pick the outfit for this photo shoot and that is rare for me to be able to. I loved the denim boots and white dress together.

2. How did you dressed up for this moment?

I was very excited to go to The Bungalow at Huntington Beach for the night! My friends were excited about this new look and really loved the boots because they had never seen them before. The best part about HB and Orange County is being able to wear whatever you want all year round and not get cold. It was an awesome day in February!

3. Tips on how our readers can achieve a similar look.

If you’re not buying online, I feel going to a vintage thrift shop is one of the best places to find the perfect outfit! Look for a dress or top and pants that compliment your body. Thigh high boots make the legs look longer and are great to go along with a dress or pair of jeans. Make sure to pick an outfit
that just makes you stoked for the day and night!

Dress: Carley White Bardot Frill Bodycon Dress
Boots: Denim Thigh High Boot


4. What do you like about fashion?
I like that fashion is variety and creativity.  It can create an image, change people’s perspectives and establish a mood.

5. Who is your style icon for fashion?
Farrah Fawcett!  I love all of her looks from swimsuits to tops and jeans.


6. Describe your fashion style in one sentence?
A mix between surfer girl and sophisticated babe.


For more fashion updates, visit her Instagram Page.

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