7 Instagrammers are rocking their makeup ideas must catch this

1. The fact that you can transform yourself or even just enhance your features just by applying make up is pretty awesome.
2. One of the biggest reasons i love makeup is because it’s an art, non-permanent way to express yourself. Makeup has many uses and benefits including the amazing ability to transform, I can express myself.
3. Everything about makeup interests me. It’s an amazing art form and I love to experiment with sceneries and different music album covers and music videos!
4. The perfect makeup look is what highlights the features you already have, from being the simplest look to the most dramatic look ever. There wasn’t a person who really inspired me about this, it all came to me as I practiced and improved more for me to realise.
5. Something that interests me in makeup is that I LOVE the combinations of color that I can come up with and that I can take out all of my creativity and express my feelings when I’m doing a makeup look.
6. The perfect makeup look to me definitely is simplicity, but out of the box. What I mean by this is makeup that looks so organic to the person wearing it even if it’s placed in a unconventional way.
7. perfect makeup as «Glowy Peach». I really like peach, orange, pinky colors in makeup, especially with sparkles. Also, I like makeup with the red lips, because red lipstick makes you look more confident and attractive.
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