1 Week Of Work Outfit Ideas

5 Instagramers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. This is important in my fashion because even if I don’t match I need to have a color that will catch the eye of the consumer or person viewing. I like to make statements with my outfits so matching or color popping I feel is the way to go.

2. Be You, express yourself best by inventing what u like not what you settle for because of fashion police but more importantly own your art!

3. Fashion is that I love the fact that you can be your own designer. You mash what ever looks you want together and make it your own.The fashion rule I would never break is to just wear what you want! What ever makes you feel like yourself go for it! Express your sense of style.

4. Like any other form of expression, it?’s the freedom of creativity and individual touch that comes with it. Fashion is very personal and its intriguing to see other ways people express themselves and what it says about their personal tastes.

5. Fashion interest me with the diversity of creations it represent. It is like the world and these different and amazing communities, colours and styles.

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