10 Best Fall Outfits You Need To Copy

5 Instagramers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Just wear whatever you like. It’s super fun to look at fashionshows and celebrities to get inspiration (I do it too), but it’s way more fun to give your own twist to it than just copy-paste these looks into your closet. Have fun, be yourself and don’t take it all to seriously

2. It’s better to explore clothing outside your comfort zone than to play it safe.Love your figure, shy away from experimenting with styles and feel constrained to your height or curves.

3. Keep doing you bud. Kick down these doors, save love for later and focus on the big picture. You have busy things ahead of you.”Fashion is a way of life. You can do anything in your own fashion

4. Fashion can be your own personal outlet to express yourself without saying a word. Make sure when you?’re displaying your masterpiece, your being true to yourself. Wear what makes you happy and feel good.

5. The ease of it. As far as pieces go I am probably a bit too obsessed with denim.

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