10 Casual Dress Ideas for Women to Look Chic Every Day

10 Instagrammers simple and casuals for women

1. Fashion is to be able to express on the outside what you feel on the inside, I find it interesting how this can make it easier to connect with people, show them what you’re about and invite them into your world. Fashion doesn’t have to be shallow at all, it all depends how you relate to it. I’ve always been interested in the symbols and meaning it has for society.
2. I like dressing up and I like to be extra at times, depending on my mood. I like colorful, fun, unique, eye-catching styles/outfits.
3. Take risks, and don’t worry about what’s popular. Style is meant to be fun, being so serious takes all the fun out of it.
4. A perfect fashion look for me is a simple look. It has to be something that I am comfortable in.
5. That fashion does not bother me, there are so many ways to put on an attractive outfit, that, when you use it, it squeezes you or it doesn’t let you breathe… friend changes your outfit.
6. Fashion is about being yourself, showcasing your style without having to speak. Personally, I don’t think fashion has any rules. That’s why it’s called fashion. It has no rules, no limits. If there were, I would probably break them.
7. Fashion is my life. I can speak during the fashion. I am model and I wanna show to the world that the Fashion is my art, my language.
8. Fashion is a way of expressing myself and is like an extension of my personality. My clothes reflect my mood, what’s on my mind, my creativity. It’s an art form.
9. Honestly I take inspiration from everyone. What describes a perfect fashion look is when you get the good feels from just looking yourself in the mirror.
10. The perfect fashion look is one that you are comfortable in and that flatters your body type.
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