10 Casual Outfits Ideas for Women

5 Instagrammers Who Rocks The Style With Casual Wear


1. Achieve comfort in all my outfits. No matter how elegant, classy and fashion forward my outfit is, if I or the person wearing it isn’t comfortable, then they wouldn’t have the confidence and poise to carry the look well.

2. A perfect casual wear look for me would be a pair of distressed jeans, a nice white shirt, and a some kittens heels with a cute clutch that matcha with the accessories

3. The perfect casual wear look would be tight joggers and a bodysuit tee with some open toed heels

4. Buy things that give you an emotional response when you see them, not when you “need” them.

5. A perfect casual wear look would be one in which you feel the most comfortable. I love experimenting with lighter fabrics and fun colours to create a casual wear look. I feel the most inspired by Jenna Lyons’ strangely quirky style and absolutely love everything Alexa Chung wears!

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