10 Instagrammers cool and casual outfits for women

1. Everyday perfect fashion look can be described as follows: comfortable blue or black jeans, white cotton shirt or T-shirt, sneakers. can be supplemented with stylish glasses and a backpack.
2. One fashion rule you never break- Being confident and unique. I always have to be confident with myself and not care what people may think.I’m unique with my style I mix match different outfits I have and come up with a new outfits depending on my mood.
3. Fashion has always been apart of me since I was a little girl. So, naturally I gravitated towards dresses, heels and purses. It’s an art form and I love to be creative in what I choose to wear whether it may be joggers and pumps, sequin jackets and vintage pieces, or simply mixing prints with bright bold colors to catch the eye.
4. What interests me and what I love the most about fashion is how unique to the individual fashion is. A simple t-shirt can be worn in many ways and will be worn differently among individuals.
5. Fashion is my passion, it is my dream and it is perfect, I have always been impacted by its evolution, its cycle and as trends of the past they return to be in fury again as if they were new, As they say right there not only when you dress you You are wearing these affirming your personality to the world, fashion is art, design and magic is everything for me.
6. Passion is for fashion.You must love it. There’s a lot of thing that made me interested in fashion because it is a huge industry. But if there’s one thing to describe it, it’s the CREATIVITY, with this you can really express your mood or your self when it comes to dressing up or doing your make up.
7. A perfect fashion look I would say “keep it simple,Classy and Edgy..
8. I got interested in fashion for I just love to dress up, try out different styles through clothes; whether it be girly, street style. Because for me fashion is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.
9. I think the perfect fashion look only happens when the person wearing it exudes the confidence to carry it!
10. To always feel comfortable and never exagerate. My outfit is always very personal and only includes clothes that i’m comfortable with.
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