10 Casual Weekend Work Outfits for Summer to Try this Year

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Fashion to me is an art form that a person can wear. I love helping people put outfits together, and watching their reaction of how much it up’s their mood. Fashion has it’s own language, and it is something that can be translated between different countries around the world, almost like music. Fashion is creative, challenging and interesting.

2. Fashion is how you get a chance to see different personalities and just through the way you dress. Also it’s a way of expressing yourself.

3. I’ve always dressed weird, since like, elementary school. When we had dress down days in Catholic school, it was dress UP days for me! Ever since I got into modeling, fashion interested me also!

4. Before you walk out the door in the morning make sure you’re “pulled together” and presentable. Don’t ever go out with the “i’m just going to the store” attitude. Be ready for life to expose you to new opportunities at every turn!

5. Know what looks good on you. And don’t be afraid to try new styles or old styles.A perfect fashion look is something that’s put together. When I was younger I watched Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter Is Dead. And I loved everything about the fashion. Especially how she would piece outfits together and they would look Bomb,Sweet,Hot,Poppin and Different.

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