10 Dynamic Mens Fashion Style Outfits in 2018

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1. The advice I give a lot of my friends is , no one knows cool until you show them cool. Meaning that anyone can have a great look or outfit as long as they wear it with confidence. If you’re going to take a risk and try a new style , people notice your confidence/body language before their eyes gets to fully grasp the look

2. Less is more!! You can never go wrong with keeping your style and outfits simple.You never really know what will stick and what won’t but you do know that there will always be someone who can rock it.

3. Fashion is taking a piece of clothing and incorporating it into my outfit for the day and others telling me what they like about what I’m wearing but it’s not about what others say about my style it’s what I think is cool.

4. The expression of fashion itself interests me. It’s like when you finish putting a puzzle together; You feel so accomplished when you can put all the right pieces together. That’s how it is with clothes for me. And I love that it makes other people feel good to when they see a nice outfit, it’s just appeasing to the eye.

5. Fashion to me is all about being comfortable in your own skin and not caring what people think. I think thats one fashion rule i never break, is to care how people view you for your fashion choices. Fashion is whatever you make it. Yeah you can follow some trends and try to look like your favorite celebrities, but whats individual about that?

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