10 Eye Makeup Tips For Women

10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Eye Makeup


1. Makeup isn’t about covering up features you don’t like but enhancing and showing off those features!
2. Makeup is that it’s a way to express yourself and your makeup style
3. Makeup is a very expressive form of art and yourself.
4. Makeup, slowly transforming myself into a different looking is very satisfying, also love playing around and creating different looks.
5. Makeup has always been a sweet getaway for me. You can express your self how ever and it just sooths you.
6. You can completely transform yourself and express yourself.
7. Makeup is art, really love dramatic eyelashes, bold eyeliner, colorfull eyeshadows, bold lipstics and on the other hand, nude lipsticks, thin eyeliner, rose tone eyeshadows, literally exrpres yourself in makeup everyday and in every mood!
8. Perfect makeup look & confidence with yourself ,get creative with the look!
9. Makeup can do whatever comes to my mind with makeup,
10. Makeup can change a person, not only in the way they look but the way they feel it makes people feel beautiful and makes them feel so much more confident!
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