10 Fresh And Cool Summer Outfit Ideas To Start Wearing Now

10 Cool and awesome ideas on casual style


1. Fashion is a way to express my personality and individuality. I believe one’s sense of style speaks for oneself. Fashion is also fun. Mixing, matching and styling pieces of clothing and accessories to create that perfect look is a form of art and I have fun playing with it!

2. The once rule I never break would be – be comfortable, no matter what that means for you. I love to be comfortable no matter what event I am attending. For me when I am comfortable I feel the most confident and confidence is key!

3. Never wearing something I can’t stand !

4. Always stylish. The style is the visual signature that marks our identity, and I want to leave my mark in this world; fashion goes by, style stays.

5. I feel as if fashion is a great outlet for women to express themselves in ways that may not be feasibly possible via other forums.

6. Distressed jeans, vibrant printed blazer or duster with a bomb pair of pumps and a cute hat! And I love Tammy Riviera’s style!

7. I would have told myself to be more adventurous and try new styles instead of sticking to my tom-boyish fashion sense.

8. The one fashion rule I would never break: I would never wear something that I am not comfortable in. I would rather wear something simple that I would be comfortable in than wear something glam and let the discomfort show on my face.

9. One rule I stand firmly by always dresses for occasions, makeup and hair must always be on point as well.

10. Certainly the Council would be: Do not be afraid to dare.

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