10 Great Casual Outfits For Women to try

10 Instagrammers beautiful casual outfits for women

1. My perfect fashion look would be super laid back but put together! For example, I love the new trend of wearing sweatpants and paring it with a cute tank top or tube top and really cool sneakers! I’m a huge fan of sneakers so any outfit where sneakers are the central focus is my perfect look (really any outfit where I can wear my Nike Air Force Ones).
2. I love to see how fashion is not a one-way street but a set of styles that change according to personality. Thanks to it everyone can express himself.
3. The perfect Fashion Look is a complete look meaning from head to toe. Hair, Make-Up, Accessories.
4. For me a perfect look is one where I feel comfortable and am dressing to suit my authentic style. I wouldn’t say I have one specific fashion icon, but I am attracted to people who look put together, yet effortless.
5. We think that perfect Fashion look doesn’t exist. Nowadays fashion is changing every ”minute”, only few things hold on the TOP of TRENDS for a longer time. But that is great, we would like to do different things in future and we hope one day we will be near to the perfect fashion look.
6. I don’t think there’s a perfect “fashion look” because every one can wear it differently but, i really like anything that goes with a clean white button-down shirt – be it with a skirt or tucked-in a nice pair of jeans with heels. Adding a statement necklace and a fabulous bag makes it always better.
7. The perfect fashion look is individual. I really love to wear one piece that stands out. A elegant handbag and cute accessories.
8. Fashion is a way of expressing myself. I think it’s very important to always be yourself and always try to get the best out of it. I see my life a work of art.
9. The perfect fashion look for me is high weist pants, with an oversized top crop, sneakers feeling free of movement is really important to me. Im inspiring by the women with goals, with ideas, they need to create to invent to be, and I think they need to be comfortable.
10. Fashion is something that you can’t reduce only on one thing to be interested in because there are so many spheres of it, but odd, different fashion photography with mix and match styles is the thing.
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