10 Great Eye Makeup Looks For Women

5 Instagrammers Who knows About Makeup


1. Self expression- as an artist I feel like fashion is something that carries you and speaks about your persona! Everything about Fashion interest me!

2. Simple and mouth dripping.. I’ve couple of fashion designers I look up to for this.

3. Personal expression says who you are. It’s your face card, your first impression of others. Never let societies opinion of the age of a person or article of clothing stop you from enjoying life. Life is short, the world is changing, glow out loud!

4. Makeup the most is the endless options and limitless possibilities. There are no rules in makeup! If i want to look fierce like I came straight off the runway one day and then simple and fresh faced the following day I can. I don’t ever stick to a particular style of makeup. Whatever I am inspired by or mood I’m in determines my makeup look for the day.

5. The fact that you can be a different person every day, I love to see the confidence that makeup gives to women and I absolutely love that I can be creative. Never apply your foundation with fingers! Ever!

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