10 Incredibly Cool Makeup Looks To Try Now

10 Instagrammers beautiful makeup ideas

1. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! I’ve been taking care of my skin since I was young. One thing I never forget to do morning and night is to cleanse my face and to make sure I always have moisturizer on. I’m telling you, skin care is my number one regiment. I never skip a day!
2. Color. It easily changes your mood. I use non-toxic beauty and I love when brands can give the same color payoff as traditional brands.
3. I like doing my eyes and brows, so normally I go for a natural look. Honestly it depends on what I am wearing for the day. I find that I like to color coordinate between outfits and make up.
4. Always try to keep it simple .. sometimes too much is just too much you know.
5. Makeup compliments an outfit and is so versitile, some days I’ll be simple and other days I have bright pink eyes with glitter everywhere! Plus it’s just like art, who doesn’t love to doodle!
6. The styling advice I would give to my younger self would be to stop wearing peplum tops so much lol. I felt limited being plus size & “busty”, and I wish that I would have had more fun with what I wore.
7. I love everything about make up and it makes me very happy person when I see my clients happy when it’s all over,when we finish.
8. Makeup is just a hobby and a passion! In my opinion, makeup is an accessory, not a neccessity. I love experimenting with new products and looks. Although, I don’t consider makeup a necessity, it’s so much fun to get all glammed up and let me be honest, it does help me feel more put together once in a while.
9. Makeup for me are tools that came to earth to highlight our inner & outer goddess.
10. Step away from the blue eyeliner!! Putting it on the waterline makes you look MORE TIRED! Also, don’t be afraid of going into the “older kids” clothes stores, and trust your instincts and get what you know you’d like, not necessarily what other people will accept. Be BRAVE!
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