10 Inspiring Casual Outfits For Men

10 Men Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles

1. Mixing too many brand logos, particularly Adidas and Nike. I have a strong obsession with Nike. It is a brand I grew up with and I’ve worked for and with. I could never mix the two brands together in a single outfit and not just due to the nature. I believe branding is good but when branding is excessive and don’t compliment each other well, an outfit loses its impact.
2. Even though I like to mix different styles and vibes and the idea of not having any rules (fashion wise) is growing more and more on me, I would say consistency is my rule. I would never wear a boring suit that doesn’t match my aesthetic or a pair of shoes that hurt my feet. The way you adjust how you appear on certain occasions should always embrace comfort, your attitude and therefore your sense of comfidence on how you look.
3. A perfect fashion look must first be comfortable and choosing the colour of clothes should match your skin tone and also the clothes and lastly your confidence. Confidence more than anything makes your outfit look better because fashion is not only about the outfit but the person putting it on.
4. I figure I take a lot of photos of my adventures around the world and I might as well collaborate with some cool brands while I’m at it. I like clothes that stand out and are different, something that’s unique. Also clothes that are practical to use.
5. Fashion is a lifestyle, I love being always trendy, taking everything to my personal style.
6. Good fashion look can really vary from person to person, I like the bauhaus saying where “less is more” and really, if you pair some nice jeans, white shirt, some cool oxford shoes, smile is 100% a must 🙂 then, you are just great for any occasion.
7. My Creative outlet. I always Wana look smart.
8. Perfect fashion look…. It starts in the morning – with a good attitude, a smile on the face. Clothes are just the addition. If I want to specify my favorite fashion look, it would be …. white t-shirt, jeans, leather jacket, converse and sunglasses. The less the better.
9. Fashion is clothing and the right look actually empowers people to strive to be the best version of themselves.
10. A good pair of comfortable distressed jeans with a nice bomber/blazer paired with a nice pair of loafers or sneakers with maybe a fedora hat to add a little swag.
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