10 Latest Fashion Trends Worth Copying

5 Instagramers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. My biggest advice would be to be comfortable and confident with what you put on; whether it is a pair of shorts or a sari or a blazer. Self confidence is what makes carrying anything easy and you’ll look great doing so!

2. Make sure no matter what it is your wearing, or the occasion always move with confidence. You are what makes an outfit fabulous!Fashion is meant to be fun, don’t be afraid to try new styles!

3. Confidence is the key to look fabulous . You don’t need to have the perfect body or a beautiful dress to feel great about yourself. Be confident in what you like to wear.

4. Have your own identity. Embrace your shape and feel good in who you are. One tip from my side would be, no matter how classy black looks still try to mix colors and prints in your closet picks.

5. Rules are meant to be broken! I am always open to trying new things. Never say never and keep an open mind!

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