10 Popular And Trendy Outfits You Should Already Own

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1. Wearing something that doesn’t flatter my size just because it’s in fashion,you can express yourself and dress differently for different occasions.

2. Perfect fashion look is trendy, comfortable and to make a compliment to your appearance.

3. Fashion allows me to talk about myself without me having to speak. Whatever I choose to put on in the morning has the power to describe me. For example, if I’m wearing patterns/Faux furs/bold colors, you could say that I am not afraid to experiment and I prefer to make a statement. Fashion is art; it’s a reflection of its surroundings, and that’s what makes it fascinating to me.

4. The colors, shapes and different ways of expressing with fashion the world, trust your Instinct,Keep your dreams firm.

5. Always be yourselves. No matter what happens in life, you will always find yourself to back you up. Wear your outfit the way YOU want to, and do it with pride and a beautiful smile on your face

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