10 My Style With Casual Outfits For Women

10 Instagrammers super cool chic casual outfits for women

1. Fashion is a feeling, and how how dress is how you’re feeling. No one can tell another person what they’re wearing isn’t nice. It’s not nice to them, they wouldn’t wear it, but that person may be pulling the outfit off.
2. My fashion style is something between edgy, classic and girly.
3. Fashion is the the opportunity to express your confidence and creativity through your style is one to never pass up. I believe that every individual should feel proud to put themselves into the world with fearless passion. Your style merely accentuates that. Nowadays where individualism is leveling off, it is important more than ever to show your peers your personality.
4. What I like most about fashion is that it can ajust to everybody, to different prefferences, ethnicities and body shapes. Everybody is envolved and gets to feel represented.
5. Fashion is a form of language. A language with no limits. Traveling around the world and just seeing different street styles tells me about every city I get to see.
6. Fashion has nothing to do with the price. Fashion is about about combinations and style.
7. I like fashion because through it you can express your personality, style and even mood. Fashion is basically art that you wear on you.
8. I love how clothes can make you feel alive and happy. I feel very passionate about putting your own style into your wardrobe and to style out whatever you feel like wearing rather than follow the crowd. It’s all about how your outfit makes you feel for me. I love to mix things up a little and have a little fun with fashion.
9. Well, I love wearing black and create many different look thanks to my clothes AND my tattoos, so my style is something really straight but hardly « gothic » because of my almost-white hair, strong make up and yeah, my tattoos !
10. I really like the diversity and dynamism. Fashion changes and renews all the time.. and also I like to see how each person perceives fashion in a different way, there are a variety of fashion styles and it’s fun.
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