10 Stylish Spring Outfits To Try Now

10 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles

1. A perfect Fashion look in my opinion is one that simply speaks of your style. One that imprints your image on others’ mind – “I saw a dress at the mall and it reminded me of you!” or “These prints are totally you!”
2. A perfect fashion look to me is, a dress that accentuates my curves, and still captures my sense of style, it is sleek and sexy with a finishing touch of the perfect earrings and sexy heels.
3. Fashion is the expression of one’s personality. I work in an IT firm and i don’t wear too bright clothes or anything unappropriate that would usually draw attention but everyday I make sure to be different enough to stand out and similar enough to belong to the group so that it will not make others uncomfortable.
4. The one fashion rule I never break is wear whatever makes you feel confident.
5. My favourite look is a basic woman suit with a touch of colours in your complements… a red bag and stilettos and a funny jewelery. My inspo is a spanish woman, Naty Abascal.
6. Perfect fashion look to me is being unique as well as cohesive. not everything goes quite together and you have to be aware of that.
7. One fashion rule that I never break is “don’t wear navy and black together.” I never wear the navy/black color combination!
8. There are no rules, only new possibilities! I mean it, if you don’t break some what’s the fun? With street fashion booming we no longer follow hard and fast rules in fashion, its all about embracing the idea of you. And let your clothes speak.
9. Never wear the same cloths twice in a week, at least!
10. It gives me the ability to express my inner self by styling different pieces of clothing together, and expose who I am. Never trying to be the norm.
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