10 Summer Outfits You Should Try Now

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Fashion is always changing and you must change as quick as fashion do, but you must have take care about details, palettes and shapes.That interest came to me because of photography and its relationship with fashion, I love photo fashion and everything it involves

2. Probably to be more experimental and push more boundaries with my style. Stay authentic, always look for inspiration from stylish people around you who you admire but then adapt your look to reflect your unique personality.

3. Fashion has always been something I was into for so long since I was little. I remember watching the Next Top Model and how Tyra Banks would preach to these ladies that dream to become a model. When I was battling cancer I needed to find a talent were I can belong and inspire Men or Women who came across my path.Since my grandma gave me a sewing machine about a year ago. Took off ever since with building a brand that will inspire.

4. First fashion rule that I never break is that self confidence is the best outfit you will ever wear.

5. Fashion is like art. Everyday I get to be creative with my clothing and accessories. Fashion allows me to express my style and give me confidence! Fashion allows your to be creative, if everyone dressed the same it would be very boring. Enjoy the opportunity to be expressive through your fashion and accessories.

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