5+ Comfy Outfit Ideas To Copy Right Now

5 Instagramers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Casual wear looks I love are simply minimalistic chic. People that embody these looks well are Coco Chanel (because who doesn’t love a little black dress!) and Audrey Hepburn (see her all black dance outfit with white socks in “Funny Face”)

2. Don’t be scared to experiment with your style. Be confident and try out new things. There’s no particular advice for styling, play with your style and find what suits you the best.

3. The ability to take looks from other niches and normalise them. Flipping military or costume elements and garments and making them accessible and comfortable for the day to day is a wonderful thing.

4. Always wear something you are comfortable in as no matter what outfit you wear. If you are comfortable and confident in an outfit, then you can also pull off the most ridiculous peace of clothing with ease.

5. Perfect fashion look is confidence and I’m the inspiration behind that just be confident and take risks u never know.

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