5+ Pretty Spring Outfits To Wear This Spring

6 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. Having Black pieces on my wardrobe! Black is the most slimming of all colors, it is the most flathering!… You can wear black at any time, you can wear it at an age and you can wear it for almost any occasion!

2. A sense of Style is what interest me the way people put pieces of clothing together and how they pull off looks.

3. Be able to inspire people from all over the world and be part projects where I can show my potential.

4. Fashion is something that doesnot come up with rules. You wear what you believe in. Hence, that is my rule- I donot have fashion rules because with that I don’t want to bound my fashion which has got endless of things.

5. One fashion rule that i do not break would no socks and sandals. i do not care who thinks it is cool it is not cool like ever.

6. My advice is to your voluptuous and curvy girl readers. You are beautiful right here…right now today!! A dress size doesnot make you less or more beautiful. The only size that matters is the size of your heart. Tap within and seek first to love yourself and suddenly you’ll realize you have awakened a fashion beast!

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