5 Romantic Hair Style Ideas To Try

5 Instagrammers are rocking their hair styles


1. I have always loved the unusual, daring and fun. the crazier the better but always female!. I want to feel free of fashion and I love be different from others If others go in a way, I go in another way.

2. A perfect hairstyle can say a lot about you. Sometimes I see how people style their hair and I would try to recreate the look to make it my own and put my little twist on it.

3. Style icon is Beyonce as she is very versatile with her hair styles.

4. My hairstyle style would be natural.I like making looks which look effortless and beautiful.

5. Hair styling is an art. I love that you can interpret hair in anyway, shape or form. It also defines and enhances our image and can drastically change our image all together.

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