5 Trendy Casual looks Men Should Try Out

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Fashion is a way for me to additionally express myself through clothing. If there was a certain Vibe, Feeling or Aura i had that day, i’d subconsciously wear something accordingly. But most importantly i feel is that i resonate the correct Vibe outwards before i think about fashion. If i cant Vibe, means i can’t vibe with an outfit, and where’s the point in that?

2. The most important thing is a careful mixing of textures, colours and patterns.

3. Follow the path you are on, not talking to what others say. If you are comfortable and if you find yourself handsome, continue without looking back.

4. To be a perfect fashion look no matter how simple are the clothes that you wear the important is you to be comfortable and certainly the colors is important to be a primary thing.Be stylish because the style tells your character.

5. Fashion,it shows different ways, depends the style of your clothes u can feel like your emotion it is.never change for anyone.

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