6 Best Cute Bowling Outfits to Wear on a Date


6 Instagrammers superb ideas in their styles


1. Treat everyday as an occassion. I’m the one who wears what will make me stand out in every way, a woman of confidence I would say.

2. What interests me in fashion has to be, the infinite amount of outcome you could make with one style. You canot put a limit of fashion. You can give me a a simple outfit, and I can dress it up or down to my desired look. Also you can make a typical look your own with a few adjustment.

3. I love fashion because it allows a person to be the most confident they can be! Think about it! Some of your most confident moments were probably when you were wearing a bomb outfit!

4. I love that every time you get dressed, it’s an opportunity to reinvent yourself. You can become whoever you want to be, and that can happen 3 times a day or once every season.

5. Being able to express myself through the art of fashion & it inspires me to be creative.

6. I have always loved the ability to dress according to my mood. I know that sounds a bit strange but hear me out! Fashion gives us the ability to reflect what is on the inside. Some days I just want to be comfortable and I love that I can put on white sneakers, my overall dress and a bandana and be off for the day. Some days I am feeling extra!!! Which calls for a bright yellow shirt as a statement piece with a gold and black bag. I love that fashion can reflect me and how I’m feeling!

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    moda & style

    Wowww!!! Absolutely stunning!!! All looks are great picks though! Kiss

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