6 Of The Most Popular Spring 2018 Casual Styles

6 Instagrammers simple and cool ideas on their casual styles


1. Do not wait. Dress how you want to dress and be who you want be be right now. Follow your passions and you wll be truly happy.

2. Less is more! All women are beautiful, no matter their age, size or ethnicity. The most important thing is that women dress the fashion that makes them feel happy and confident.

3. Rules were meant to be broken and fashion rules are no exemptions but if there is something in fashion that i cant compromise is my comfort. I cannot wear something i am not comfortable in.

4. Fashion is all about playing with colours, textures, making unexpected combinations, everything is possible. My way of expressing myself and having fun when life sometimes can be so hard.

5. In fashion I am interested in how it reflects the modern image of the world: political and economic situation, cultural life, high-tech progress. All this has an effect on how people look and what collections are created by designers.

6. Dress only for yourself. Find your fashion style. Buy a clothes that you can keep for a long time. Wearing a clothes that makes you taller and slimmer.

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