6 Outfit Essentials You Need For Spring Break

6 Instagrammers superb ideas in their styles


1. One personal rule I never break is sacrificing my own comfort! I love being comfortable in anything that I wear and I make sure of that every day even when going out at night.

2. I love color and simplicity! I like the fact that fashion is not about how much money you have but it’s all about being creative within your means and looking great without breaking your pockets.

3. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a universal perfect fashion look. A perfect fashion look for me personally would be a look that is classy and elegant yet practical.. sexy and flattering yet cute.. bold and edgy yet comfortable.

4. What interests me the most in fashion are colors. I love how much just a pop of color in an outfit can make so much of a difference.

5. The number one styling advice I would give younger self is to not follow trends if you donot feel confident with it just because it is whats popular at the moment. I believe that dressing up in what makes you feel confident is all that matter because wearing a trend that you do not feel good in will project in your appearance.

6. I am a firm believer that you have to dress well to feel good; every clothing is an artistic touch waiting to happen.

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