2018 Spring Casual Outfits For Men To Rock This Season

6 Instagrammers superb ideas in their styles


1. The one thing that interest me the most in fashion is definitely style.

2. The perfect look for me is having the right footwear that fits well with the pants or shorts you are wearing, that is very key. Also, adding some kind of headwear, it could be a hat, bandana, and making sure that your whole fit blends well and is not all over the place.

3. The number one fashion rule I never break for an outfit is : no more than 3 colors. Matching clothes with theme and colors is very importante to create a nice head to toe look.

4. Always tie your tie at perfect length. I’ve often spent 10 minutes tying and retying a tie because it was either too short and the back piece is showing or too long and it completely covers the belt buckle. It seems simple enough that men would make sure to have it at the right length but I see it tied too long far too often and it just looks sloppy and careless.

5. You never know what to expect when it comes to clothing and shoe designs, you think it canot get any better and then you end up inlove with new styles.

6. Stop wearing so many hats and please cut your skater hair, for Gods sake.

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