5 Awesome Beachwear for Women : 2018 Summer Hot Women Clothing Swimwear Long Style Beachwear Bikini Beach

5 Instagrammers are rocking their beachwear styles


1. The one rule I wouldn’t break i would have to say being without accessories. You could never go to big or small details make all the difference.

2. My main rule is to always look effortless. I think that my style is classy and timeless, and I use the trendy elements in the small things that makes the difference.

3. I break the rules. I believe fashion is apart of growing and you have to find which style you like best. Regardless of what anyone would think. A fashion rule I admit to breaking is mixing patterns I absolutely love bringing out two different patterns creating a fun spunky style to my outfit!

4. Experiment with colour and what you are drawn to wear, irrespective of en trend or not.

5. A piece of advice that I would give to my young man I definitely will wear a beautiful soul before wearing clothes.

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