7 Fashion tips and tricks no one told you about

7 Instagrammers fashion on Kids styles


1. Estella is only 6 years old and I as a mother do not worry about rules at the time of dressing her up, I create a look and I see if it’s cool, I worry about leaving her comfortable but always with a cool and fashion look, I worry about the combination of tones, I do not mix prints, but if this happens, I use patterns that combine and accompany the same scale of tones.

2. Don’t follow the crowd. Don’t wear what everybody else wears. Think outside the box. Love something but you’ve seen it worn a number of times, make a change to it. Make it your own. Add pants, separate the top from the skirt of a dress and wear them as separates. Design your own clothes. No matter what, be yourself! Be a fashion influencer.

3. I’m able to express myself thru my clothing, clothing shows my character, attitude and art I love fashion.

4. The perfect look is the one that makes me feel good, comfortable.

5. A perfect look draws attention but is comfortable.Be loud and don’t be afraid to wear rain boots in the sunshine.

6. Fashion rule is my hairstyle. You can look so different with a little change.

7. The ability to find clothes and styles that bring out the different sides of you, example like this dress makes me feel like a tourist in Paris & this dress makes me feel like a fashionista & so on, that interest me so much.

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