8 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks From Drag Queen Miss Fame

8 Instagrammers makeup tips for drag queens


1. Your style doesn’t need to stick to one sort of look. Show your versatility and be proud. My perfect makeup look would be a matte white cut crease with a bold color in the crease, heavy liner, and a bold lip.

2. I think makeup is amazing because it totally transforms your face. I think it is cool how certain products can make areas look smaller or bigger, and that it can create such a powerful illusion. I have a lot to learn about makeup but the best way to get started is just try it out and see what happens.

3. I’m absolutely interested in everything that has to do with makeup, I’m addicted to it. the trends in terracotta colors and skin tone lipsticks fascinate me.

4. I found an interest for makeup about two years ago when I was sixteen. at the time, i had tons of acne on my face and I only wanted to foundation. but after a while, i started to buy contour, highlight, etc. and now I want to become a drag queen.

5. I never leave the house without an accessory on.

6. For me, bold lashes, a bright lip are everything, with a wing liner that plays no games. It’s simple, fast, effortless yet fierce and glam. Side note It’s my go to when I’m tired and concealer being my best friend.

7. I use makeup as a form of artistic expression. I like to break the gender stereotype and also what it would be masculinity and femininity. Makeup is a therapy of self-knowledge.

8. I like it’s creative side and the way you can express your own art by the human body.

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