10 Casual Work Outfits To Wear To Office For Women

10 instagrammers are rocking their casual styles

1. Fashion means for me expression. I can Express my self through my outfits.
2. I honestly feel like you don’t have to follow any rules when it comes to fashion. If anything, create your own! Besides…aren’t rules meant to be broken?
3. A perfect fashion look would be anything classy and dark. Some designer shoes with a beautiful black trench coat, anything that screams femme fatale.
4. To me, fashion is all about personal style. It’s so fun representing yourself or your mood through the clothes you wear. What’re you feeling like today? I love mixing different aesthetics, like traditional with pastel vibes.
5. The perfect fashion look would be whatever you feel the most confident wearing. I am loving all of the ruffles for Spring too!
6. Well I always try new things and looks but the fashion rule I never break is staying classy and elegant no matter what, I mean wearing elegant outfits with highheels and accessories with a dress, or cute skirts and ribbons in my hair as well as light colors, but sometimes dark colors can be more elegant than light ones.
7. My perfect fashion looks are a mix between ultra girly with the other spectrum of basic basic basic!
8. For my experience, we should not build the rules. Everything is changing.
9. In my opinion the rule that you must never break is to be yourself and feel at ease.
10. Perfect fashion is always a mix between comfort and classy with a touch of playfulness. There isn’t really one particular person I draw inspiration but rather a group of people.
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