Amazing Makeup Looks to Try

5 Instagrammers Who knows About Makeup


1. One tip I will like to give to the readers is to persuade their dreams, and to always grab inspiration for them.

2. Perfect makeup look depends on the events you attend and the type of cloth you wear. For instance, you choose to go for an edgy look to attend a wedding or a simple glowy look for family dinner party. But I think you can go for a perfect makeup look when it?’s your birthday or your graduation day, where all the focus is on you.

3. Makeup started in cosmetology school. I went because I wanted to be a hairdresser but during the makeup portion of the program I discovered my passion for theatrical makeup and makeup in general and well the rest is history.

4. Always be yourselves, original and unique, within you you have enormous potential, understand what your strengths are and enhance them.

5. A perfect makeup look to me showcases someone?’s natural beauty. As a makeup artist my job is to make you look like the ultimate version of yourself, I want you to recognize the person in the mirror! My aesthetic is fresh, glowing skin, a subtle sultry eye and usually a pop of lip color.

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