Awesome Casual Fashion For Women Over 10

10 Instagrammers awesome casual fashion

1. For me, fashion is all about expression and confidence. Being the youngest of four, it was always hard for me to get my voice heard or to have the confidence to share my ideas. That’s why I always turned to art as a form of expression.
2. I never dress for anyone but myself. Whether your look is minimalistic, or like mine, bold and eye-catching, make sure every item you don is truly you. I love getting ready in the morning – it is like donning my battle gear.
3. I love the dichotomy of fashion. Fashion can change every month and it can also stand the test of time. Fashion can show us how people have different styles or at times it can show us that people can have similar preferences.
4. A perfect fashion look is a classic look that has a proper fit, blend of colors and royalty in style.
5. Fashion allows me to be a shapeshifter. I love changing my looks to suit my surroundings or events. If I’m at a vintage car show, I most certainly will be in a retro dress.
6. My perfect fashion look would be: A cute, well fitted crop top with high waisted jeans. A pair of sneakers or wedges, with a holographic sling bag & a silver choker. Maybe with some cateye sunglasses. I just put together this outfit in my mind.
7. Fashion is diverse. There is not one look that is perfect but so many. As long as it reflects your mood and personality, its perfect.
8. Cara Loren is such inspo as far as fashion goes. She wears things I’d be way too scared to try, but she looks amazing in them and they’re all so classy.
9. The perfect fashion look for me would be like a nice sexy pants suit or like a punk rock look. So I would do like plaid pants, a really cool t-shirt, and some really cool sneakers such as Vans. And I also like to be sexy. So like a form fitted dress and a Red Bold Lip!
10. The one and the most important Fashion rule that I never break is Keep Upgrading my wardrobe collection and I prefer to present myself in a stylish way all the time.
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