Beach Wear For Men To Try In Summer



What do you like about beachwear?

It will give a wonderful effects to the photos you’ve taken, beachwear is not only for comfortablity and protection but also for Fashion.

Describe your beachwear style in one sentence?

A comfortable and classic style.


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Travel Blogger


What interests you in Beachwear ?

In beachwear I like colorful shorts made from fabrics that dry easily, comfortable tank tops that aren’t too tight, speedos, and my must have accessories are polarized sunglasses and panama hats.

How would you describe a perfect Beachwear look and is there a person who is an inspiration to you for this?

A colorful short with the length a little bit above my knee, a plain color cotton shirt, a panama hat and a polarized sunglasses. I’m not inspired by anyone specifically, but I always think about the advertisings we see of male models on a beach.


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Simone Musio


What do you like about Beachwear?

The beachwere I like having my body on display of nature.

Describe your Beachwear style in one sentence?

my style is more a wild style, a surfer or an aperitif on the beach.


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