Best Makeup Techniques for Everyday Glowing Look

Kali Sypolt is from Chicago. She is an amazing makeup artist and has a soft spot for animals.

1.Describe the story behind this picture?
In this photo, I was creating a look for my Get Ready With Me for my 12 Days of Christmas on my Youtube Channel. The name of my channel is Never Be Normal if you guys wanted to check it out!
2. How did you dressed up for this moment?
I dressed in my cozy sweater and some jeans since it was December. I enjoy wearing comfy sweaters in the Winter time.
3. Tips on how our readers can achieve a similar look.
They can check out the tutorial I have for it on my youtube channel! My channel name is Never Be Normal

Products that you used to look your best for this moment?
Jeffree Star Abused Liquid Lipstick, Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Eyeshadow Palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Chocolate Brow Definer, Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Becca Wild Honey Blush, and Becca Moonstone Highlight.

4. What is One makeup rule you never break?
I always use a primer before I apply the rest of my makeup. I feel like it just makes such a difference in the longevity and wear of your makeup. I can’t go without it!
5. How do you achieve the perfect liner?
I try to always do my eyes first before my face makeup, that way I can clean up my liner if I mess up
6. Describe your style of makeup and techniques you use?
I have no limits. I always create the look I’m feeling that day. Whether it’s a smokey eye, no makeup ‘makeup’ look, something colorful, or an SFX look, I always incorporate how I’m feeling that day to my makeup. It’s like an escape for me. When it comes to techniques, I like to do what works the best for me personally. For eyeshadow, I love building up colors and using as many shadows as I can. I feel like it gives such a flawless airbrush look. I love doing my eyes first, that way if I have fallout from my shadows I can clean up it. If I do my face makeup first before I start with shadows I use a layer of translucent powder over my under eyes and in the shape I want my eyeshadow to go. Then when I’m done I wipe the translucent powder away. It’s the best technique if you like doing face makeup first.

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