Bright And Colorful Eyeshadows Are Perfect For Summer

Frances Spatola is a freelance makeup artist and she does wonders with eyeshodows.

1.Describe the story behind this picture?
I was going to a family wedding!
2. How did you dressed up for this moment?
I had a hard time finding a dress because I had something specific in mind. I wanted a rose gold dress with a mermaid fit. I searched for days on different websites to find it. When the day of the wedding came I wanted rose gold makeup to match my dress. I had everything prepared because I knew exactly the look I was going for.
3. Tips on how our readers can achieve a similar look.
I think the Stila liquid eyeshadow really made the look come together! They’re all beautiful and pigmented and they have a whole collection of colors for any outfit you’re wearing. Another tip I have is that you don’t have to break the bank on a dress. Online shopping is amazing and you have so many affordable options!

Dress: Hot Miami styles
Eyeshadow: Stila liquid eyeshadow

Eyeshadow palettes :
1. Anastasia Beverly Hills
2. Huda beauty

Lip color: Milani cosmetics in “crush”


4. One makeup rule you never break?
There are many makeup “rules” that can be bent or broken because everyone is different. There are so many different techniques it’s hard to make a list of rules that work for everyone! If I had to choose something, it definitely would be that I always prime my eyelids. (with either concealer or tinted eye primer) After I prime them, I use an eyeshadow close to my lid color all over the lid to minimize any stickiness. I think this is the best base for blending your eyeshadow.
5. What shades of eyeshadow do you use for summer?
For an everyday look use and warm neutral colors like the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, The Naked Heat Palette by Urban Decay, or The Morphe 350 palette. I love to wear Color also! I never limit myself to one look and I’ll wear blue eyeshadow to a bar or a bright yellow cut crease to work. I’ve also been loving the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions palette. It has bright colors and since I’m a color junkie I would wear any season, but it’s perfect for the summer.
6. Describe your style of makeup and techniques you use?
I never define myself by one style, everything depends on my mood! Some days I want to be grunge and other days I want to be feminine. I always change my hair color and I love being a free spirit. Some days I want to be neutral and other days I want to wear a glitter cut crease! As for techniques, the most important thing I can share is that there is always room for growth. Watch other artists techniques, go to makeup classes taught by other artists, and practice often.As a makeup artist, it’s important that I always learn and grow. One other important tip I live by is to always take care of your skin no matter if you’re oily or dry.Skincare l is key!Don’t ever apply makeup over skin that has no skincare on it!

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