Casual Fashion Tips for Women Over 10

10 Instagrammers regular casual fashion for women

1. Dressing for myself! I believe Fashion is a fabulous way of expression and the only true rule that comes to my mind when I think about it is pleasing myself, having fun while wearing what makes me feel myself.
2. The one rule I never break is mixing stripes and patters.
3. Feeling comfortable in my outfit. Although I am all about trying out new trends but I don’t attempt to pull of something I don’t feel comfortable in. Confidence is the key. I always want to feel confident in my outfits so I dont prefer forcing myself. For me if its too tight, too itchy, too revealing, I will ditch it.
4. Always stick to your ideas and wear what you look confident in! No one can define you better than your own self!
5. I do not believe that there is any rules to fashion. However, I do believe if you wear clothing with confidence you can rock anything. So convince is one thing we must never underestimate.
6. Fashion rule weren’t made to be broken. But with in time everything changes so I say you can break the rules!
7. I simply don’t wear neon.
8. The one Fashion rule I never break is, knowing and understanding that everything is not for everybody. I think it is important people develop a realistic image of self, and be proud and secure with their body type, facial features, their all around physical appearance. By doing these things it can become easier to know without a doubt what looks good on you. A particular color, or print may be fabulous for your girlfriend, but not so much for you. Keep it real with YOURSELF and find what is best for you.
9. The one fashion rule I never break is to always let your style express who you are. Never play down who you are and be afraid to make a statement!
10. I always make sure my hair and make up is done. You can wear just about anything, add a couple of accessories and you’re done! To be honest I don’t have many rules with Fashion as I love breaking the rules and pushing them to their limits!! I do like to keep more to the imagination and avoid showing parts of my body that should be shown only in the bedroom (if you know what I mean) – but everyone is different!!
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