Cozy Outfit Ideas You Need For Spring

Spring is all about colors and prints. Try different style to know what suits your style.






Spring this season is all about bold colours. A touch of colour here and there to make your outfits stand out even more. If you have an apple shape body, what I recommend is that you wear tops that highlight your body at the slimmest point (which is under your bust). A great way to achieve this is by wearing a belt or shirts that are cinched below the bust area. Patterns also tend to look great on women with apple shaped bodies because they flatter as well as hide parts you don’t want to bring attention to (the middle/stomach). For dresses, you always want to make sure that their waistline is just below the bust or at your thinnest point. For jackets, choose something that is tailored with a nice v shape at the top. V-shape tops/jackets break up the size of your chest as well as create a vertical line. For any bottoms, show off your legs as much as possible! Depending on your area of residence, that shouldn’t be to hard.






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